Our Story

Explore the glorious journey of KH Diamond from the foundation days to becoming the leading diamond manufacturing brand in the world.

Our tradition of transparency, responsibility and reliability ensures the trust of our stakeholders, which is the foundation of our operations.
Our constant strive for perfection and value addition keeps us on our toes.
With ability to adapt to continual change and cater the best to our customers, our willingness to step into the unknown and seek results is what sets us apart.
Our moral duty to aid the community we operate in as well as the natural environment is absolute.

Certified Diamonds

We produce diamonds according to our customers’ requirements. We get our diamonds certified so that they can be sure of the quality of cut and polish of diamonds. Depending on their requests.

Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds can be found in the classic white color as well as fancy colors like white, pink,yellow and even more rare and valuable colors like blue and red. Loose diamonds are often purchased to set in custom jewelry, engagement rings or even for investment purposes.


To bring you the most exquisite and excellent quality diamonds, we practice a rigorous process to analyse and grade brilliance of each masterpiece. Our team of professional gemmologists go beyond the traditional 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat) to assess the diamond’s value and rarity, ensuring a perfect amalgamation of science, technology, and pure craftmanship: a beautiful diamond.

Cutting is the most crucial stage of diamond manufacturing. Our lapidaries apply specific parameters of angle and dimension with strict attention to the polished finish and take pride in delivering the excellent quality to bring you the most beautiful diamonds with perfect cuts.
Clarity grades determine the purity of the diamond from Flawless(FL) to Included(I). Depending upon the number, type, colour, size, and position of the inclusions or blemishes, the clarity grade is assigned to the diamond.
Diamonds also occur in other hues like pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, and—the most unique—red. These gems—knows as ‘fancy diamonds’—are extremely rare and valued considerably more than the colourless.
Carat weight doesn’t entirely define preciousness of the diamond. It depends on three more essential factors: cut, clarity, and colour. Thus, values of two diamonds having same carat weight may differ depending their cut, clarity, and colour.

Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Exporter & Wholesaler

Khodal diamond is a leading diamond Suppliers in Canada. Khodal diamond specialized in certified & non-certified loose and fancy colored diamonds, carving out a unique reputation in the marketplace as the largest diamond wholesaler in Canada. Our journey couldn’t be possible with our valuable clients who held their trust in us and helped us to endure as the best diamond company in Canada. As a firm committed to fulfilling the demands of the market, we at Khodal Diamond reach every extent to fulfill our client's expectations.

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