Our Story

"In the Diamond industry, Khodal diamonds is a major competitor. In each field of business, we have done a variety of chains, including Diamond Producer and Diamond Exporter."

Our Story

Explore the glorious journey of KH Diamond from the foundation days to becoming the leading diamond manufacturing brand in the world.

Our tradition of transparency, responsibility and reliability ensures the trust of our stakeholders, which is the foundation of our operations.
Our constant strive for perfection and value addition keeps us on our toes.
With ability to adapt to continual change and cater the best to our customers, our willingness to step into the unknown and seek results is what sets us apart.
Our moral duty to aid the community we operate in as well as the natural environment is absolute.

About Us

Bhagvanbhai Mangukiya
Nitinbhai Mangukiya
in 1998, As shivam impex, based in Mumbai.
In 2000
Started treading of tapper baguette diamonds in small scale
In 2002
Started second office in Bhavnagar
In 2003
We Gradually the company increased its staff as its capital increased
In 2005
started treading of tapper baguette diamonds in bigger scale
In 2006
started manufacturing our first unit in Bhavnagar
In 2007
started to make round brilliant cut diamonds on small scale
In 2008
We increased production of 20,000 round cut loose diamond per month
In 2009
We took out first technological move, we change our production system according to new Sarin Diamond technology which is based in Israel
In 2010
gradually, as the company gets bigger, the company acquired double workspace to increase its production as well as quality and perfection
In 2011
With the presence of the company in the growing market, we will launch our second new manufacturing unit in Surat District.
In 2012
Latest Technology and Machinery Set up new world-class diamond manufacturing unit in Surat with the latest technology and machinery
In 2014
We started our new office in Bharat Diamond bourse, Mumbai. we need more workspace to increase our daily limit with respect to the company's growth
In 2015
In Hong Kong, we opened our office. Our designated partners agreed that we needed to make our service available to the entire world. As a result, the right diamond buyer can purchase diamonds quickly and easily. Mr Chetan Mangukiya and Mr Gaurav Mangukiya have started and operated VNK HK LTD.
In 2018
Started New Office in Surat and in New Name as KHODAL EXIM. And Add New Co Founder Mr Dipak Moradiya.
In 2021
Started office in Toronto And add New Co Founder Mr. Azad Kachhadiya for North America region.